Being successful means having the Agency to make active choices about one’s life path, possessing the Competencies to adapt to the demands of different contexts, and incorporating different aspects of oneself into an Integrated Identity.
— "Foundations for Young Adult Success” - June 2015



Millennium School is an innovation lab exploring the intersection of Developmental Science and Adolescent Education through a new middle school in the heart of San Francisco. In partnership with professors from leading universities, Millennium is developing an integrated educational program based on neuroscience and developmental psychology.
These educators have convened to create a model middle school that implements best practices for holistic student development, translating leading research and experiential learning techniques into practical application. The program combines integrated academics with self-discovery and real-word application through student-centered projects.
Beyond operating the lab school, Millennium partners with other public middle schools to actively implement and assess its practices through student advisory programs. Millennium disseminates its transformational whole-student methodologies through professional development programs for teachers. The combined result is an integrated learning organization exploring humanistic education for the 21st century.