Middle School Social and Emotional ADVISORY Teacher Training

Is your middle school looking for the best ways to integrate mindfulness-based social-emotional learning during Student Advisory period for teacher and student success? If so, the Millennium Forum Teacher Training could be just what your school needs. Our year-long 2018-2019 program begins July 9-12th with a Summer Institute and continues through the year training a cohort of teachers with curriculum, resources, and support.


At the Millennium School we have been working with leading SEL researchers to implement the most effective and transformative programs that build healthy school climate, emotional health for students and teachers, and academic excellence.

Our Forum Advisory program, piloted with a handful of schools over the last few years, is the heart of Millennium’s success, offering students and teachers skills to develop attention, empathy, relationship skills, and a foundation for scholastic success. Now we have turned this advisory circle model into a year-long training program that will equip educators to integrate mindfulness-based social, emotional, academic and ethical learning into their schools and school systems.

Immersive San Francisco Retreat:

Our 4-day summer retreat offers professional development for middle school educators seeking to learn first-hand learn how to implement mindfulness and social-emotional development through student Forums (small peer-to-peer circles) in their classrooms.

High-Touch Year-Long Support:

The program includes ongoing coaching, curriculum and resources, as well as bi-weekly remote “Faculty Forums”, and regular school visit consultations for support.

Through this year of training, educators will be better equipped to:

  • Address growing levels of stress, anxiety and emotional regulation unique to early adolescents.
  • Cultivate self-care and community-care, utilizing practices for resilience, focus, and wellness.
  • Develop healthy school climate through circles of safety and trust for students and teachers.
  • Integrate decades of research and theoretical knowledge in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), mindfulness practices and neuroscience for practical application.
  • Understand and skillfully work with stress and trauma in students, teachers and communities.
  • Hold an equity lens and integrate restorative and culturally responsive teaching practices.

Training Opportunity includes:

  • 4-day immersive training July 9-12
  • One-year professional development training to learn and implement the Forum advisory program
  • Participation in a remote “Faculty Forum” as well as instruction on “Student Forum” facilitation
  • Consulting on integration of existing SEL programs and Advisory scheduling through school visits
  • Bi-monthly 90-minute  teacher forum video meetings to share lessons learned
  • Materials and support to implement Forum advisory program in homeroom or other available time periods within school schedule.

Commitment includes:

Your participation in our 2018-2019 year-long training will begin with an initial four-day training July 9-12, and extend throughout the year as we progress through a collaborative curriculum through core groups and school visits. Also, participation in this year-long training program will include voluntary participation in a feasibility study with leading SEL researcher Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC entitled Understanding and Promoting Teachers’ Well-being and Social-Emotional Competencies.

Space is Limited! 

Millennium has secured funding from leading educational foundations to cover the professional development costs of four educators each from up to six Bay Area schools, a value of $18,000 per school. Selected schools are asked only to cover a 1-year stipend of $2,500 for each participating teacher.

For further information please contact: Daniel Rechtshaffen ( or 415-283-6510

Our training faculty includes Millennium staff and special guests, and is co-led by:

Jeff Snipes, Co-Founder, Jeff has spent the last ten years helping to launch two innovative middle schools in the Bay Area. Over that time he has led dozens of retreats in mindful teacher education using the Forum method. Previously Jeff co-founded PDI Ninth House, the largest leadership development firm to the Fortune 500, prior to its sale to KornFerry in 2012. He first experienced the Forum method through his membership in YPO (Young Presidents Organization) over the past 14 years. Jeff serves on the boards of Mindful Schools, Millennium School, Education Superhighway, and leads CEO Forums nationwide for the Tugboat Institute.

Daniel Rechtshaffen, MA, LMFT, is the author of The Way of Mindful Education and The Mindful Education Workbook. He organizes the annual Mindfulness in Education Conference and Teacher Training at the Omega Institute. Daniel offers keynote speeches and mindfulness trainings at conferences, schools, communities, and businesses, such as University of Wisconsin Madison, Google, Esalen Institute, and schools around the globe. He is also the director of the Mindful Education Online Training, a mindfulness and social emotional learning platform for educators.